Chess improvement is a very relative term. It depends on various factors such as how much time you have, your age, etc. There are a lot of opinions when it comes to chess improvement. If you practice chess regularly, you will slowly improve. There is no doubt about that. Playing online is not an option to improve your chess game. Besides playing, you have to watch videos and study some books. 

If you are confused and don’t know how to study chess properly, then go for the How to Study Chess on Your Own Book. In this article, we will see the 12 best chess books for improvement.

12 Best Chess Books for Improvement

My System by Aron Nimzowitsch

This is no doubt one of the greatest chess books for improvement. This book is written in 1925 but is still the number 1 improvement book. If you are an intermediate chess player then you can start studying it. Also, it is helpful for advanced chess players. 

Beginners also can study this book but may find some chapters difficult. This book will also help you in developing fundamentals, some endgame secrets, etc.

How to Study Chess on Your Own

One of the best book I have ever seen in my life. It is written by Davorin Kuljasevic who also published another book called Beyond Material. In this book, he explained everything about studying chess. He suggested books, courses, openings, and study patterns for beginners to experts. I recommend everyone to purchase this book. 

Shereshevsy’s Endgame Strategy

This book is written by Mikhail Shereshevsky who is an international Master from Russia. In this book, he explained various endgame themes and chapters. It is one of the best book to study the endgame. I have already recommended this book in my best endgame book article. This classic book explains various games and ideas about them. A new revised and expanded edition is coming on 30 June 2022.

My 60 memorable games by Bobby Fischer

One of the greatest chess book was written by the greatest chess player in the world Bobby Fischer. In this book, Fischer annotated his 60 best chess games. The book might be hard for beginners but you will enjoy the games. One of the must-have chess book on your shelf!

100 Endgames You Must Know

Do you find studying chess endgame boring? Do you get confused about how to study endgames properly? Then 100 Endgames You Must Know book is for you. I would highly recommend you to go and check this book. In this book, author Jesus La Da Villa selected 100 chess positions and explained them in detail. After doing this book, you will get basic fundamental knowledge. Must to do endgame book for beginners to masters. 

The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement

Written by Matthew Sadler, who is a 2650+ chess player and Grandmaster. In this book, he explained a road to chess improvement. Sadler presents a unique set of methods to work out using your engine. He shows how in your opening preparation, instead of sifting through masses of computer analysis you should play matches against your engine. He also explains how to train your early middlegame play, the conversion of advantages, your positional play, and your defense. And of course: how to analyze your games.

Arthur Jusupows Chess Book Series

Grandmaster Arthur Jusupow wrote a fantastic series called Build Up Your Chess, Boost Your Chess, and Revolution in chess. Each book series consists of 3 books, i.e. total of 9 books. The first book in each series is recommended for 1500-1800 players. 2nd book in every series is recommended for 1800-2100 players and the last book is recommended for 2100 above chess players. In each book, there are 24 chapters. 

This book is the fastest and simplest way to become International Master. It will take around 1.5-2 years to finish this book. I am sure that you will improve your strength by 300-400 points if you do these books well. I highly recommend everyone who rated chess players purchase these books as soon as possible.

Perfect Your Chess

A very difficult book designed for 2200+ players. This book is also filled with puzzles. There is a total of 3 chapters and each chapter contents 100 puzzles. The first 40 puzzles are for FIDE Masters, the next 40 puzzles are for International Masters and the last 20 puzzles are for Grandmasters. 

This book was unavailable in hardcover as they have sold out completely. Recently it got republished by publishers and you can grab your copy from amazon.

Practical Chess Endings: With Modern Chess Notation

This is also one of the best endgame books. This book is written by none other than Pwl Keres. This book features core endgame positions and step-by-step solutions. After doing this book, you will understand everything about core endgames. This book also includes commentaries on the final stages of selected tournament games, which demonstrate the art of favorable transposition from complex to clear-cut endgames.

The Woodpecker Method

This book consists of more than 1000 puzzles for beginners to advanced players. This book follows a method that is created and tested by the author. An author says to solve all puzzles and repeat this procedure. When repeating, solve the same book in half time. By doing this, you will reach a point where you will solve the entire book in 24 hours. 

This logic already worked for the author’s student and it helped him to become a grandmaster. Overall this book is great for everyone. 

Chess Calculation Training

This is a series of books written by GM Romain Eduard. These books are based on calculation and mainly targeted at intermediate to advanced chess players. 

The first part is about the middlegame. You will see hundreds of chess puzzles and explanations. 

The second part is about the endgame. I would recommend doing the 100 Endgames You Must Know book before purchasing this one. 

In the 3rd part of this series, the author selected a few games and explained them. 

Overall all these books are great for rated players above 1400. 

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess Series

Very few books are written by women chess players and this is one of the bestsellers. Judit Polgar was the first women chess player to cross the 2700 rating. She played in almost every top chess tournament and defeated every chess player in her career including world champion Garry Kasparov also. 

This book series is all about her life and games. GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly also recommended this book in one of his chess24 lessons. This book is perfect for women chess players or even you can gift it to some aspiring women chess players. 

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