Gold Membership is one of the cheapest membership offered by offers 3 types of membership i.e. Gold, Platinum, Diamond membership. It is currently the most popular chess website in the chess world. With a proper study plan and guidance, you can improve your chess strength by using

In this article, we will see the major benefits of using Gold Membership which costs $29 per year. 

Is Gold Membership worth it? Gold Membership is worth $29/year. They are providing tons of value in all their plans. Gold Membership is perfect for those who are hobby players, beginners, or just want to try membership for the first time. You are getting features like no ads, puzzles, puzzle rush, lessons and play with bot feature. It is also one of the cheapest chess memberships with a lot of value. Gold Membership pricing vs chess24 Gold Membership costs $29 per year or $5 per month. Usually, doesn’t offer any discount coupon codes. Gold Membership price in India costs 1099 INR per year or 199 INR per month plus taxes. They have reduced this pricing exclusively for the Indian subcontinent. Following is the pricing table. 

Yearly monthly
Worldwide $29 $5
India 1099 INR + Tax (18%) 199 INR + Tax (18%)


Features offers a lot of features in the Gold Membership plan. By paying less than $2.5 you are getting premium features. Besides these features, offers Endgames, Daily Puzzle Videos, Opening Explorer, Custom Flair, ChessTV, Drills, Club Management, and Time-out Protection for Daily Games in all plans. Following are some of the best features which you will get in Gold Membership

No ads

Advertisements are always annoying. If you are playing regularly on then you know how many ads you face. With Gold Membership you get a No advertisement feature. It means they will not show you any advertisements. I think this feature is great for those who use for playing purposes. Because usually if you see any interesting ad then you get distracted and you start surfing some other website. 


Puzzles are one of the very important key factors to improve your chess strength. With Gold Membership you will get 25 puzzles each day. 25 seems very less but if trust me it is the perfect number. If you solve 25 puzzles each day for 100 days then you will improve your tactics level by atleast 100 points. puzzles are consists of high quality and high accuracy. Also, puzzles are based on your level so that you don’t have to worry about finding puzzles that suits your strength. Also, you get some insights. 

Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Rush is an exclusive feature of In the Gold Membership plan, you will get 5 puzzle rush each day. They should increase this number to atleast 10 or maybe 150 puzzle rush per month. Puzzle Rush is a very interesting feature of and obviously, some websites tried to copy them but is very ahead of those websites. UI/UX design of puzzle rush is just brilliant. 


You will get three lessons per week. Lessons are mostly designed by Grandmasters and titled players. Lessons are very good features to improve your game. Again 3 lessons per week are too low in the gold tier. I would recommend you to go with platinum membership which Provides unlimited lessons if you are interested to solve it. I have created a list of the best chess lessons on

Unlock all bots

This feature is not very important. You can easily install various applications such as Play Magnus or chess by AI factory. On bots you can play with a clone of some of the world-class players like Anand, Kramnik, etc. Famous streamers like Levy Rozman, Alexandra Botez, etc. This feature is very interesting for kids to engage in chess. 

Free Gold Membership

Yes. You heard right. offers 7 days free trial for all their plans. You can use and try any membership on If you want to use more than 7 days, you can just contact them and ask them if they can extend for another week. Mostly they will extend. In these 7 days, you can try all their features. Get 7 days free trial from here


How much does a chess com membership cost? membership has 3 plans i.e. Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Gold plan costs $29 per year, Platinum costs $49 per year, and Diamond plan costs $99 per year. In these 3 tiers, they provide different kinds of benefits which include videos, lessons, puzzles, puzzle rush, etc. 

Is a chess com subscription worth it? subscription is worth it besides whichever plan you choose. Even Gold Membership is also totally worth and diamond membership is also value for money. Usually, we take a Netflix subscription without any hesitation but to take this membership for just less than $100, we think many times. If you use as a tool in your chess journey then it can help you to improve your strength by 50-100 points every year. 

Can I upgrade from gold to platinum chess com?

Yes, You can always upgrade or downgrade any plan on


In conclusion, I would like to say a Gold Membership is value for money. if you are a beginner or just signed up on then I will recommend you to buy a Gold or Platinum membership. In diamond membership, you will get video series and some extra benefits but again for that, you have to pay double the amount than platinum membership. 

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