Currently, has a 40 million user base. This is the world’s most famous website. In this article, we will see the difference between Gold and Platinum membership and I will give you an honest review of whether you should purchase a gold or Platinum membership.

Before proceeding to the article I want to say that this is not a sponsored video by but if you purchase a membership then I will get a small affiliate commission from offers Three Types of membership Gold, Platinum, and diamond. Generally, we see middle membership is not worth it in many online products.

This strategy is also known as the popcorn strategy. But is an exception for this case. Let’s see the point-to-point difference between gold and Platinum membership. membership


Gold Membership = $29 per year

Platinum Membership = $49

Diamond Membership = $99 per year

As you can see the cheapest membership offered by is gold and then they offer a Platinum membership of $49 per year. If you opt for a monthly plan then pricing is slightly different but I will highly recommend you to purchase a yearly plan because it’s very cheap compared to what features you are getting from

If you divide it by the number of days in a year (365) then gold membership will cost you 0.08 Dollars per day and Platinum membership will cost you 0.13 dollars for a day. 

Common Features

Let’s see some common features offered in both membership

  • Game Report & Analysis – If you are a tournament player then this feature will be useful for you. In this feature, you can analyze your own games or any other games and learn from your mistakes.  You will find this feature on many other websites so this is not a unique feature of but still, it’s very easy when you play any game on and immediately analyze it. 
  • No ads – In general doesn’t show too many advertisements. It is always good to get rid of advertisements by paying some amount and you will get no ads to feature in Gold membership also and also in Platinum membership. 
  • Unlock all bots – Recently changed dotcom launched their own bots. Bots are sort of chess programs you can play with.  Currently, offers more than 20 boats with different names.  They are based on famous chess streamers and world-class chess players like Viswanathan Anand and streamers like Samay Raina and Levy Rozman. Bots are available in the rating range of 1000 to 3000. membership

Different features

Now let’s discuss different features  offered for gold and Platinum members some of the features are the same but there is little difference


The lesson feature is very interesting. created many lessons for beginners to advanced players and I personally think this feature can improve your chess by a lot.

In a gold membership, you get three lessons for a week and in a Platinum membership, you will get 5 lessons per week. 

I honestly feel 3 lessons are not enough if you are a regular chess player or you really want to improve your chess game so that’s why if you want to use this feature I will definitely recommend Platinum membership over gold membership. 

Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Rush is the flagship feature of and I use mostly because of this feature.  in puzzle Rush, there are three types i.e. 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and unlimited time.

So basically in puzzle Rush, you have to solve as many problems as you can in 3 or 5 minutes. In the unlimited mode, you can take unlimited time and unlimited puzzles till you make three mistakes. 

I will highly recommend you to solve the puzzle Rush for chess improvement. Also recently they have introduced a puzzle battle feature in which you can challenge your friend or anyone on and play puzzle Rush with them.

Gold membership will get 5 puzzles in a day and in Platinum membership, you will get unlimited puzzles to solve. 


You will get 25 puzzles for a day in Gold membership and unlimited persons in Platinum membership. 

Features that are not included in gold or platinum membership

Let’s talk about some features which are exclusively for Diamond members. If we compare Diamond membership with Platinum membership then you are paying almost $50 extra just to get a Diamond membership badge.

Honestly, if you are above intermediate level then I will not recommend purchasing a Diamond membership because they just offer a video library and it’s not that worth $50 but if you are intermediate or beginner then I will suggest purchasing a Diamond membership. 

  • Video Library – also offers a wide variety of videos and courses in its video library.  these courses are useful for beginners and intermediate players. Here is the list of some of the best courses offered by
  • Other features – You also get unlimited access to all lessons but I think Platinum membership also offers five lessons per week and it is enough for most people. 

When you should purchase a gold membership?

If you just started playing chess or you are a hobby player or you do a full-time job and you don’t have enough time to study chess then I will suggest you purchase a gold membership because a gold membership is mostly useful for those who don’t have enough time. 

When you should purchase a platinum membership?

I will highly recommend you purchase a Platinum membership at any stage.  I like Platinum membership features and pricing compared to Diamond membership and gold membership.

Also, you can read my article about platinum and diamond membership.  In that article, I recommended purchasing a Platinum membership only because a Platinum membership offers almost all the features with diamond membership offers. 

Also for this article, if we compare gold and Platinum membership there is just a difference of $20 the year.  It is less than $2 per month so that’s why Platinum membership is totally worth it for anyone. vs other websites

Currently, has the highest user base. The main reason is the domain name Many people search for chess and then land on from any search engine.  Currently, there are two major competitors for and they are chess 24  and lichess.  liches is a completely free open source project and chess24 is a premium chess course-based website.  In a short time, I will also write a detailed comparison article about chess24 and 

Final conclusion 

In conclusion, I will not talk about diamond membership. Let’s only talk about gold and Platinum membership.

In conclusion, I will highly recommend you to purchase a Platinum membership over a gold membership because just Platinum membership offers a lot of features than a gold membership and there is no price difference.

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