FIDE Master is a title recognized by the World Chess Federation. When someone crosses the 2300 FIDE classical rating then he or she can apply for this title. To apply for this title you have to apply by filling form through your national federation. National federation charges some amount which is around $100-120. After applying for the title, the National federation sends your form to FIDE and then you get your title immediately. Also, you receive certificates via post and some people also receive them on their email. All these procedures usually take 7-8 days. FIDE master is 3rd highest level of the title awarded by FIDE. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common and important questions related to the FIDE Master and Women Fide Master title.

FIDE Master rating requirements

As per FIDE regulations, to apply for the FIDE master title, you need to cross the 2300 FIDE rating and 2100 FIDE rating for the Women FIDE Master title. Fide also grants FM title after placing silver or bronze medals in Asian and world championships. 

Fide Master vs Woman Fide Master

To encourage women chess players, FIDE also introduced the Women Fide Master title. To become WFM, women need to cross the 2100 FIDE rating and can apply for title. You can see there is a lot of rating difference in FM vs WFM title. It is very easy to get a WFM title compared to an FM title. 

How to become a fide master?

As stated above, you have to cross the 2300 FIDE rating or win some medal in International events recognized by FIDE. 

What is the meaning of FIDE Master?

FIDE Master is 3rd most popular title in chess. There are a total of 4 titles that are approved by FIDE. They are GM, IM, FM, CM. Women can get women’s titles such as WGM, WIM, WFM, WCM. The full form of FIDE is

Fédération Internationale des Échecs. 

Benefits of becoming FIDE Master

When you become a FIDE master, people start to recognize you. You get a special badge on all websites such as,,, etc. Also, you will get to participate in some events which are exclusively for titled players. For eg Titled Tuesday, Lichess Titled arena, etc. 

Also, you get discounts on entry fees in most of the events. Master-level players get lots of coaching opportunities from all over the world. 

How much does FIDE Masters make?

There is no exact amount which I can tell you. But I can tell you how much FIDE Master charges. These figures are approximate and can be changed from person to person.

Continent  Charges per hour (Online) Charges per hour (on the board)
Asia  $10-$30 $10-$40
Europe $10-$50 $20-$75
USA $25-$75 $50-$125

The above figures can be different in some countries. For eg, you will not get any coach in Singapore for just $10-20 because of their minimum wage and inflation. At the same time, you will find coaches who charge less than $10 in some underdeveloped countries. 

I have written a detailed article on how much titled players make in the world. You can read that from here. 

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How many chess FIDE Masters are there?

We cannot tell you an exact number but there are approx 1500-1800 grandmasters in this world. Based on this data, we can say there will be around 3500-4000 FIDE Masters in the world. 

How to get the WFM chess title?

There are some criteria you need to fulfill to apply for the WFM title. Here is a list you can check

  • Only women can get the WFM title. 
  • You need to cross the 2100 FIDE rating (Live or on the FIDE rating list)
  • You can apply WFM title if you get medals in Asian and World championships which are organized by FIDE. 
Alexandra Botez
Alexandra is WFM and a very famous chess streamer on Twitch

Is FM better than GM in chess?

No. Becoming a FIDE master is much easier than becoming a Grandmaster. To become a Grandmaster you need to cross the 2500 FIDE rating plus need to score 3 international grandmaster norms. Also, GM title should be approved by FIDE general meeting. 

How long does it take to become an FM in chess?

For absolute beginners, it will take about 5 years to become FM with proper guidance and dedication. To become FIDE Master, you need to improve your practical play, positional play, opening repertoire, and much more. You also need to study a lot of chess books and play a lot of chess tournaments. Here is a chart which can help you. 

Current Level Time required to become FM
Below 1000 5-7 years
1000-1400 4-5 years
1400-1800 3-5 years
1800-2000 2-4 years
2000-2200 1-3 years
2200 above 1-2 years

Is FM better than NM in chess?

Yes. NM is called National Master. This title is not recognized by FIDE. Some countries give the National Master title to boost the chess game in their country. Usually, to become NM, you need to cross the 2200 FIDE rating. Websites like give lifetime Diamond Memberships to all NM’s and recognize them as a titled player in chess. 

How many norms are required to become FIDE Master?

To become FIDE Master you don’t need to score any norm. You can become FIDE Master by just reaching a 2300 rating. If your target is becoming FIDE Master then it is better to stretch your target to IM. It is very important to become International Master to sustain a decent life with chess. 

What does M mean in chess?

There is no such title as M in chess. Only gave this title to Mr. Samay Raina who is a comedian and chess streamer. The reason behind this was he streamed chess in lockdown and attracted thousands of viewers from India. Because of him, the chess game becomes more popular in India.  

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