My 60 memorable book is a collection of Bobby Fischer’s best games. All games are annotated by Bobby Fischer himself. The 60 games include 48 wins, 9 draws, and 3 losses. My 60 memorable games book is also known as the best chess literature ever. This book is originally published by Simon & Schuster with 384 pages hardcover. Currently, Batsford chess publishers have taken the rights to sell this book. The 3 games with loss include Tal, Spassky, and Geller. 

Contents of this book

This book is filled with only 60 games with annotations. Annotations are also not heavy. The key point from this book is insights provided by Bobby Fischer. In some games, Bobby simply crushed his opponents. Some games give a whole new imagination about the endgame. 

What to expect

When I purchased this book, I was an intermediate player. I was expecting to see some beautiful games by Bobby Fischer. At that time I was a big Fan of Bobby. 

When I completed this book, My understanding level about positions increased by atleast 10-15%. Also, that was 1st time where I studied world champion games in detail. 

You can expect to get the following benefits

  • Understanding about positions
  • Some beautiful endgame victories 
  • Middlegame plans and strategies
  • Insights and mindset of former world chess champion

Who can read?

This should be on the bookshelf of any competitive player. It’s one of the classics, like Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual, or My System. I would recommend this book to beginner and intermediate players. It is very useful to understand more about Bobby Fischer in the early stage of your chess career. If you are a non-chess player or don’t have enough time to spend then I recommend you to read the Wikipedia page of Bobby Fischer. He fought with the Russians and was able to win the world championship match. 

What did I like about this book my 60 memorable games by Bobby Fischer?

Here are a few things which I liked about this book

  • Instructive analysis
  • Selective games 
  • Amazing victories in the middlegame


This book is available on Amazon at $18. Kindle edition costs $16.49. 

The Hardcover edition is out of stock and hence right now amazon is selling at a very high price. The Hardcover edition will cost you almost $180. 

You can purchase the book from here

My 60 memorable games PGN

I found someone who created a database on lichess. The only drawback is they haven’t included annotations. But if you only want to watch the games then it’s perfect for you. 

About Author

Bobby Fischer

Robert James Fischer (March 9, 1943 – January 17, 2008) was an American chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion. In 1964 he won the US chess championship and in 1964 he won the US championship with a perfect score of 11/11. He also become World Chess Champion in 1972 by defeating Boris Spassky Fischer died in 2008 in Iceland. 

About Publisher

Batsford Books is a publishing house. They have published more than 50 chess titles. They also have published some bestselling chess books. Some of the best books include Think like a grandmaster by Kotov Alexander, etc. Right now they are not actively publishing chess books like Quality Chess or Thinkers Publications. 

More Books by Batsford Chess


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