The Winning Chess series is a series of chess books written by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan and published by Everyman Chess.

The series is aimed at helping chess players improve their game by providing clear and concise explanations of chess concepts. The books cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of chess strategy to more advanced topics such as opening theory and endgame technique.

The Winning Chess series has been praised by both amateur and professional chess players for its clear and understandable explanations of chess concepts. The series has also been praised for its use of diagrams and photos to illustrate key points.

I would highly recommend this series for beginner and intermediate chess players. Also, many chess coaches use this book to teach students. 

7 books in Winning Chess Series

Play Winning Chess

Playing winning chess is an introductory book for beginner chess players. It teaches you strategies, fundamentals about openings, and basic chess moves. It also has semi-explained biographies of top chess players which will help you to understand chess better.

This book also explains some advanced terms like pawn structures, piece play, etc. If you just started chess then you must purchase this book otherwise you can skip it. 

Winning Chess Tactics

Learning chess tactics is very important in a chess career. If you solve thousands of chess tactics then you will become a master-level chess player. Instead of hoping that your opponent will make mistake, you can work on your tactics with help of this book. GM Yasser explained basic tactical themes and how exactly tactics work. Themes covered in this book include double attack, the pin, the skewer, deflection, the décor, x-rays, and windmills. All positions are taken from actual games. 

Winning Chess Strategies

Deciding strategies in chess most difficult part of chess. GM Yasser explained a few strategies in a very simple manner. He explained how effective planning and analysis techniques help chess players to improve their chess strength. 

After completing this book, you will learn-

  • Knock opponents off-balance with bold opening moves
  • Formulate an overall game strategy before the middle game
  • Interpret the motivation behind an opponent’s every move
  • Position for a winning endgame

Winning Chess Brilliancies

In this book, you will get a collection of great chess games which is selected by none other than Yasser Seirawan. Seirawan begins each game with a detailed description and creates a historic atmosphere. Also, he explains why players chose particular openings and of course endgame and middlegame analysis. In this book, you will get modern combinations and games. 

Winning Chess Openings

Winning chess openings deals with the most difficult aspect of chess i.e. openings. Learning chess openings is not a piece of cake. This book will help you with understanding different chess opening principles and how to use them in a practical chess game. 

Winning Chess Openings explains how to:

  • Build a safe house for a king
  • Estimate losses of ten moves or fewer
  • Utilize the elements: time, force, space, and pawn structure
  • Plan strategy based on time-tested opening principles of play
  • Employ a defense for Black against any White opening
  • Apply an opening for White used by World Champions

Winning Chess Endings

This book helps you to teach basic endgame techniques and positions. If you are a beginner player, then this book is just perfect for you. Overall if you are looking for the best endgame books, then start with this book and then go for 100 endgames you must know. 

Studying endgames also improves your pattern recognization and helps you to understand chess better. If you want to gain practical experience in endgames, then I would recommend you to use drills features which allow you endgame positions against computer

Winning Chess Combinations

Winning chess combinations is all about chess tactics and calculation. This book deals with a rich and a vast number of combinations. I always recommend for beginner and intermediate players focus on solving chess tactics. Overall this book is great for players between 1000-1400 ratings. If you are looking for tactics only, then you can go with membership which will provide you with multiple benefits. 

About Publisher – Everyman Chess

Everyman Chess is a chess publication based in London. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is working there as a chief adviser. Everyman chess publication is popular and well known for its series of chess books. Following are the some of the best series published by Everyman Chess

  • My Great Predecessors by Garry Kasparov (Total 5 parts)
  • Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov (Total 3 parts)
  • Modern chess series by Garry Kasparov
  • Starting our series which is well known for chess openings
  • Move by Move series

About Author – Yasser Seirawan

Yasser Seirawan is a grandmaster who was born in Syria. He won the world junior chess championship title when he was 19 years old and become a grandmaster in 1980. He also played with almost all top chess players and also played big events like candidates’ championships, the world chess olympiad, etc. 

Seirwen is also known for his book series Winning Chess which becomes very popular. Currently, he is a chess coach, chess streamer, and author. 

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